about bon teavant

INTENTION: To inform, engage, inspire, and serve those who wish to explore the world of fine tea; and to investigate through tea the intricate relationship between humans and plants.

BON TEAVANT is the offering of author, photographer, and tea enthusiast Jennifer Sauer, who shared her first journey into American tea culture with the book, The Way to Tea: Your Adventure Guide to San Francisco Tea Culture, which was published in 2007.

Bon Teavant blog was launched in 2008 as a fun way to continue sharing my adventures in tea culture with others who are also fascinated by tea, tea culture, and the wonderful "tea people" who are found along the way of any such journey.
You are welcome and encouraged to interact, comment, and make suggestions. I look forward to sharing my tea adventures with you, and want to hear about yours as well!

Happy sipping....


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