ecologically grown tea in taiwan

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How is "ecologically grown" tea different from just organic tea?  First, ecologically grown teas are grown without fertilizers or pesticides, like organics. But one tea farmer we caught up with in Taiwan takes cues from nature to produce the healthiest and best tasting teas:  he allows nature to make the tea as it wishes. 

Most herbalists know that plants grow best in the company of certain other plants, and by doing this, you get the best result. By allowing other plants to grow in and among tea plants, the farmer monitors the teas but allows the tea plants to mimic wild tea by letting nature play the lead role.

We went directly to the tea farmer so he could tell you himself about ecologically grown teas:

We just got our shipment in of the most delicious "ecologically grown" white teas from this tea farmer. We call it Honey Dew White, not because it has flavoring in it, but because this lovely, full-bodied white tea has that slightly sweet white melon taste to it, along with a smooth mouth feel. For those who are interested, this is a great tea to hang onto for aging.

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