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To answer the questions of friends and colleagues who visit this site: No, I am not paid by tea merchants to plug their products.  I am simply an appreciator of fine teas as well as a media person. When you combine these two passions, the result is what you find on Bon Teavant: news, interviews, photographs, and musings on the connoisseur tea world and the delightful tea people who engage in its landscape.  

The tea community is vast, ever-fascinating and always evolving, especially in the United States, where tea culture is just taking hold and being created. When I find a tea merchant who has incredible teas, I want to share the news.  When I meet a tea expert who has information on some arcane aspect of artisan tea, I interview that person so I can share what I am learning with a growing audience of tea aficionados. 

I hope you will return the favor by commenting or sharing your favorite teas and tea venues with the Bon Teavant audience.

Until the next posting -- happy sipping, happy spring.
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